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Resmanio is the single point of truth for all your IoT applications. All data is collected and visualized through intelligent device control panels. Multiple devices can be connected within a specific resource. The functionality of the system includes the management of all devices, message processing, visualization of collection of data and active specialized control modules (eg. for AMR / AGV).

Resmanio’s goal is to have all IoT devices under control in one ecosystem.


  • The Resmanio ecosystem is robust and scalable to cover a large number of messages flowing through the system. The basic logic is based on a resource register, where each resource arranged in a tree can group multiple devices. Multiple sensors can be installed in each device. With , you can control all your IoT devices together in one seamless environment.
  • Real-world applications can range from intelligent buildings and equipment management, intelligent and accurate farming, meter readings, technical infrastructure monitoring, to automated vehicles or autonomous mobile robots.

The basic Resmanio subscription includes all the main features:

  • SINGLE POINT OF TRUTH for all device data, possibility to link device into resource e.g. car, flat, production line…
  • SPECIFIC DASHBOARD for every type of device to maximize usability based on the purpose of device (app “home” with favorites, “resource now” with all underlining devices)
  • NOTIFICATIONS through SMS, email or in app based on calculation of values sourced from all devices linked in resource
  • MAPPING of resource history with a thematic display based on the status
  • MULTIPLE USER MANAGEMENT under one account (team), sharing of user credentials between teams
  • SUBSCRIPTION PLANS for connectivity and ecosystem access in one common plan
  • MULTI LANGUAGE SUPPORT The service is available in English, German and Czech languages
  • API for integration with 3rd party applications
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Visualization of measured data – GRAPHING TRENDS
GEOLOCATION RULES (in/out) based on boundary (geolocation, geofence: polygon, circle) for alerts

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Security and scalability are our main concerns when designing Resmanio ecosystem. Resmanio is


The Central brain of our solution. All operations can be centrally configured including firmware updates, floor plan maps configuration and device setup. From the design phase we use standard VDA/VDMA 5050 interfaces to communicate with autonomous units.

  • Monitoring
    Basic functionality covers the location of all devices and collection of status data. All data is stored inside a database. Information gathered can be used for future analysis.

  • Navigation
    All autonomous mobile robots can be navigated through a floor plan and scheduled for picking up and delivery of workload. All robots navigate autonomously.

  • Fleet Control
    AMR’s/AGV’s of different types (manufactures) could be grouped into the fleet and managed as an intelligent team. The FMC module suites as a communication server with outside systems such as ERP. It is responsible for the optimization of operations of all robots in the fleet. It is a central point for managing tasks for the whole fleet and enables graphical visualization of the current situation and interaction with the fleet at the same time.

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Control Together

April 7th, 2020|

The goal of Resmanio is to have all IoT devices under control in one seamless ecosystem. System is robust and [...]


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